When I became a Pilates Instructor I learned about building a foundation from the ground up, I like the construction reference as my father is a builder and it just made sense, just like Pilates did for me.  Anatomy (like blueprints), understanding directional planes and muscle function, skeletal ranges and limitations, fascial and sensory-motor functions.

In order to get the most out of your practice no matter what it is, the best method of operation is one where posture and alignment are taken into consideration. Starting from a baseline and working towards the ultimate goal of freedom of movement, strength, flexibility and awareness of one’s body in space.

Using the ground as a spring board for feeling upward growth ‘like a seedling towards the light’ and length of the spine and torso.  In Pilates we are building fundamental life skills that can be used in a myriad of ways. Proper core engagement, muscle control, the functions of both contract and release. Awareness of muscle groups which are synergistic when in balance.

Fundamental life skills such as: Stability, Balance and Control

Using a Foundation of: Knowledge, Strength, Skill, Alignment

It is through this self empowerment process of learning to connect with oneself that many an outward transformation may occur. Patience, persistence as with any other learned skill will reap the rewards of tone and well being.

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